Johannesburg, South Africa 1929


Livingstone High School

Hewat College Cape Town

Unable to further his studies at the University of Cape Town because of the policy of “separate development”, he left for Europe in 1953 to study at the Slade School, in London.

Slade School, London University.


1955 Winner of the Slade summer composition award.

1956 Awarded a Bavarian State Scholarship and studied at the Munich School of Art

1957 Studied under Oskar Kokoschka, Salzburg


1959 Returned to Cape Town and participated in the Under 40s Exhibition at the SA Association of Arts, Cape Town

1960 Exhibited in the exhibition of South African painting in Ghent, Belgium

1960 Exhibition at the Modern Homes Gallery in Cape Town (Opening speech by Oskar Kokoschka read at the opening.)

1960 Participated in the exhibition, South African Graphic Art, in Yugoslavia

1960 South African Painting Ghent, Belgium

1960 went into voluntary exile in London, where he lived and worked for the rest of his life.

1961 Included in the exhibition of South African Graphic Art, Munich

1961 Included in the exhibition of South African paintings for the Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil

1974 Exhibited at the Africa Centre, London

1980 Africa Centre London

1980 Exhibition of drawings at Gallery International, Cape Town

1980 Exhibition of drawings, Cape Town

1994 A retrospective exhibition, “A Tribute to Albert Adams”, held at the Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town.

1995 Exhibition of paintings and drawings at the Grosvenor Gallery, London

2000 Exhibited at the City Art Gallery in Atlanta, USA

2000 Exhibition of paintings and drawings at the Institute of Physics Gallery, London

2001 Exhibited at the Frans Maasereel Centre, Antwerp

2001 Exhibited at the Tryon Centre for Visual Art, Charlotte, USA

2001 Fulton Art Council Atlanta USA Graphics

2001 Residency at Caversham Press

2002 Residency at Caversham Press

2002 Paintings, Drawings & Graphics, South African National Gallery

2004/5 Paintings & Graphics, Salford Museum & Art Gallery

2005 University of Antwerp, Paintings, Drawings & Graphics

2005 (June/July) Early Paintings, Drawings & Graphics, Warren Seybrits Gallery, Johannesburg

For eighteen years he was a visiting lecturer at the City University London